Chile-Indonesia Trade and Agriculture News: Blueberry Workshop, Copper Foundry Investment, Tariff Reduction, and More

The Chilean-Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Culture highlights several key developments in bilateral trade, agriculture, and mining sectors between Chile and Indonesia this week.

The Chilean Blueberry Committee is set to organize a Technical Workshop titled "Efficiency in nutrition and irrigation during post-harvest" on March 27, 2024, at Agrícola Sauerburger. The workshop, which will feature a presentation by José Ignacio Covarrubias, aims to improve post-harvest practices in the blueberry industry.

On the mining front, Adani's copper foundry is set to require Chilean concentrates as part of its US$1.2 billion investment. This development is expected to boost Chile's copper exports and strengthen the bilateral trade relationship between Chile and Indonesia.

Furthermore, India's decision to reduce import duties on Chilean blueberries has been warmly welcomed by Chilean exporters. This move is anticipated to spur Chilean blueberry exports and contribute to the growth of the country's fruit industry.

Meanwhile, the total exports from Biobío have grown by 1.7% in 2023, despite a national decrease of 3.7%. This growth underscores the region's resilience and its significant contribution to Chile's economy.

Chile's fruit industry continues to thrive, with fruit-growing hectares reaching 375,600 hectares by the end of 2022. Over the last decade, the industry expanded by over 76,000 hectares, with cherry plantations leading the growth.

Lastly, Chile has made its presence felt at the world's largest mining fair in Canada, seeking investors and promoting its lithium and copper production. Chile's Minister of Mining, Aurora Williams, emphasized the country's position as a global leader in mineral reserves and its intent to advance in polymetallic mining through public-private partnerships.

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Chilean Trade and Cultural Exchange Flourishes with Significant Growth in Cherry Exports and Copper Shipments

The Indo-Chilean Chamber of Commerce and Culture is pleased to report significant developments in the Chilean trade sector. The Chilean cherry, a symbol of prosperity and good fortune in Chinese culture, has become the favorite fruit among Chinese consumers, particularly during the Chinese New Year celebrations which this year falls on February 10th.

Claudia Soler, Executive Director of the Cherry Committee of Frutas de Chile, expressed optimism for the 2023-2024 season. "The condition and quality of our fruit have been good, as producers and exporters understand the importance of quality for the sustainable development of the industry in the future," Soler stated. Despite challenges posed by spring rains, early varieties of cherries were prioritized for air shipments to ensure the fruit's condition.

Furthermore, Chile's trade exchange has seen a resurgence, thanks to copper shipments. According to the first commercial report of the year from the Undersecretariat of International Economic Relations (Subrei), Chile's trade exchange climbed to US$16.144 billion, marking a 2.5% increase compared to January 2023 (+US$400 million). This positive variation is the first after 15 months since October 2022.

In addition, the Los Lagos Agricultural and Livestock Service has certified the shipment of red sarsaparilla to Europe, further diversifying Chile's export portfolio. January 2024 saw a slight improvement in Chilean exports, breaking a nine-month streak of declining foreign sales. According to data from the Central Bank, foreign shipments reached US$ 9.145 billion, a 2.7% increase compared to the same month the previous year.

The Indo-Chilean Chamber of Commerce and Culture continues to support these positive trends in trade exchange, strengthening the economic ties between Chile and its international partners.

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