Weekly News Report: Chilean-Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Culture

The Chilean-Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Culture reports a mixed week for Chilean exports. According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), the Maule Region experienced a contraction of 16.1% in its exports in October 2023, reaching USD 180.3 million. The main exporter sector was the industry, with a total of USD 142 million, within which the food sector held the highest amount with a 35.27% contribution.

Conversely, the Tarapacá Region saw a significant growth in exports. The value reached USD 524.7 million, marking a 42% increase in twelve months. Despite this, the accumulated variation showed a 2.7% decrease compared to the same period last year, totalling USD 4.133.4 billion in 2023 so far.

Meanwhile, Chile continues to make strides in the Chinese market, with all its fruit approved for entry. The country's fruit exports to China and other Asian markets have been successful, with fresh citrus fruits in Indonesia, fresh kiwis in Vietnam, fresh plums in South Korea and Japan, and progress in fresh apples.

However, a decrease in global wine consumption has led Chile to abandon vineyards, with some considering their complete removal. This decision is influenced by the falling sales, as reported by Sebastián Labe, a winemaker from Viña Santa Rita.

Despite the recent change in government in Argentina, Chilean trade appears to remain steady. The two economies have a high degree of complementarity, more than competition. There are two international treaties governing their reciprocal commercial relationship, which cannot be easily violated without commercial, diplomatic, legal, and political complications.

In Indonesia, a tragic explosion occurred at a nickel plant, resulting in at least 13 fatalities. The accident happened during boiler repair works when a flammable liquid caught fire, causing nearby oxygen tanks to explode.

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