Weekly Report: Chilean Exports, ProChile's 50th Anniversary, and Ford's Indonesian Nickel Project

The Indonesian-Chilean Chamber of Commerce and Culture brings to you a summary of this week's news concerning trade, exports, and international relations.

Chilean exports experienced a downturn in November, with sales reaching only US$7.731 billion FOB, marking a 4% decrease compared to the same period last year. This marks the eighth consecutive month of negative performance. However, the trade balance indicated a positive balance of US$1.288 billion during the same period.

As part of the commemoration of ProChile's 50th anniversary, the General Directorate of Export Promotion will bring 25 of its representatives to Chile to hold business meetings with exporters in three cities. Participants will have the opportunity to meet with Chilean commercial attachés in 21 international markets, present their exportable offer, obtain information on trends and commercial opportunities, and analyze possible support requirements and collaboration strategies.

The drought affecting the Panama Canal has been causing delays for ships carrying exports, including Chilean and Peruvian fresh fruit and US grains. The low water level limits the number of transits through the waterway, leading to increased costs and delays. The situation has led some US agricultural producers to ship their grain by train to the Pacific Northwest and send it to Asia from there.

ProChile has launched its work plan for the coming year, emphasizing global presence and the incorporation of productive regions and SMEs. In 2023, Chilean exports represented a third of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), a significant increase from 1990, when it was around 10%.

The cherry season has begun in the Port of San Antonio, with 15 ships setting off for countries like Brazil, the United States, and China, the latter being the main consumer due to the Asian New Year which considers this fruit as a symbol of good luck.

On a different note, Ford has acquired a stake in an Indonesian nickel project, further strengthening the ties between our two nations.

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