International Trade and Cultural Relations Flourish Between Indonesia, Chile, and China

The Indonesian-Chilean Chamber of Commerce and Culture reports a series of significant developments in international trade, showcasing the robustness of the global economic landscape despite the challenges of the past year.

Customs servers that support foreign trade are fully operational, as confirmed by the National Director of Customs, Alejandra Arriaza. This comes after intermittent glitches in foreign trade operations experienced between November 19 and 24. The National Customs Service reported 19,135 electronic transactions for imports and 3,622 for exports over the weekend of November 24-26, demonstrating the resilience and adaptability of our trade systems.

In other news, Chile's salmon exports to Argentina are on the rise, contributing to Argentina's positive trade balance with Chile, which exceeded US$ 4.15 billion in 2022. This highlights the potential for further expansion and cooperation between the two nations.

Meanwhile, Chile's peach and apricot industry is on the cusp of commencing exports to China, following the signing of an agreement in Beijing between the ministers of Agriculture of Chile and the Customs of China. This agreement was signed during the first state visit to China by the President of Chile, Gabriel Boric.

A cooperation agreement was also signed between Chile and the Chinese city of Dongguan, aimed at bolstering economic ties and promoting cross-border e-commerce. China has become Chile's largest trading partner, and this trend is expected to continue with increased exports and imports.

The 2023-2024 cherry export season has started in San Antonio, with high expectations despite the challenges posed by climate events. Approximately 50% of the total cherries exported from Chilean ports are expected to depart from the San Antonio Terminal International (STI).

Finally, Chile is venturing into gin production after achieving international renown for its wine and pisco. Last Hope Distillery, a cocktail bar in Puerto Natales, is pioneering this trend, introducing gin to locals and international visitors alike.

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