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Chile's Creative Exports on the Rise, Port Infrastructure Investment Essential for Growth

The Indo-Chilean Chamber of Commerce and Culture is pleased to report a promising growth in Chile's non-traditional exports, which include creative fields such as audiovisual services, animation, publishing, video games, design, and music. According to recent figures from ProChile, Chile exported US$ 67.1 million worth of these services and products in 2022, marking a 23.7% increase from 2021.

Moreover, the first seminar focusing on the export potential of the Coquimbo region was successfully held by INACAP La Serena. This event is a testament to the increasing recognition of the region's potential for economic growth and the expansion of trade.

However, the growth of Chile's trade and economy is not without challenges. The creation of the mega-port of Chancay in Peru has raised concerns about the competitiveness of Chile's port infrastructure. The Indo-Chilean Chamber of Commerce and Culture believes that this should serve as a catalyst for Chile to invest in modernizing its port infrastructures, aligning them not only with import and export demands but also with the country's status in international trade.

On a different note, ProChile has been actively promoting Chilean products abroad. In collaboration with Big Basket, India's most prominent e-commerce company for food, ProChile launched a promotion campaign for fresh and dehydrated Chilean fruit. The campaign ran from October 29 to November 12, coinciding with Diwali, one of India's most significant festivals.

Lastly, the Cherry Committee of Fruits of Chile, representing over 85% of Chilean cherry exports, has released its second estimate for the 2023-2024 season. The forecast accounts for adverse climatic effects faced by the sector and estimates a total shipment of 81,477,564 boxes (5 kilos each). This volume is 14.6% lower than the Committee's first estimate given in October and slightly lower (-1.89%) than the exports of the previous season (2022-2023).


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