Welcome to INCHICAM, the Indonesian-Chilean Chamber of Commerce and Culture. We are dedicated to building a golden bridge of development between these two emerging economies. Our mission is to foster sustainable and inclusive economic growth by promoting trade, investment, the transfer of innovative best practices, and the creation of public-private collaboration spaces. Together, we aim to unlock the vast potential for economic exchange and cooperation between Chile and Indonesia.

Chile and Indonesia offer numerous opportunities for economic collaboration, some of which include:

  • Agricultural Trade: Chile is a significant exporter of fruits, particularly grapes, blueberries, and cherries, while Indonesia imports substantial quantities of these products. On the other hand, Indonesia is a major producer of palm oil, a highly sought-after commodity in Chile.
  • Energy: Chile is a net importer of oil and natural gas, whereas Indonesia is one of the largest producers of these resources in the region. There are opportunities to establish energy trade agreements between both countries.
  • Tourism: Chile is a popular tourist destination in South America, while Indonesia is an attractive destination in Asia. By promoting tourism between our nations, we can generate business opportunities for the tourism sector and related services.
  • Mining: Chile is one of the world's leading copper producers, while Indonesia is rich in mineral resources such as nickel, bauxite, and coal. Cooperation in the mining sector can create significant investment and trade opportunities.
  • Technology: Both countries have emerging technological industries, and there is potential for collaboration in research and development of new technologies, as well as the exchange of technological products and services.

At INCHICAM, we represent the interests of our partners by developing and delivering positional documents to various stakeholders on topics relevant to national competitiveness. We also provide a platform for networking opportunities among our member companies, which comprise high-level executives from diverse productive sectors of the economy.

Furthermore, we are committed to consolidating and strengthening the relationship between Chile and Indonesia. By fostering increased trade and investment opportunities, we aim to deepen the economic ties between our nations.

Through our publications, we share the knowledge and best practices of our partners on a wide range of topics of interest, as curated by our Committees.

Join us at INCHICAM as we pave the way for sustainable economic growth, inclusivity, and comprehensive development for both Chile and Indonesia. Together, we will build a brighter future and seize the abundant opportunities that lie ahead.


Board of Directors


President INCHICAM 
Sergio Morán V. 

Industrial Civil Engineer with extensive experience in multinational companies and as an entrepreneur, with strong ties in the small and medium-sized enterprise segment.

Juan José Díaz

Lawyer, entrepreneur, with 20 years of experience in the import, distribution, and production of alcoholic beverages, specialized in the Indonesian market, currently CEO of PT. Indowine-Indonesia and its subsidiaries.

Miguel I. Fredes

Lawyer and commercial arbitration judge with 25 years in environmental consultancy and management. Lived in Jakarta from 2007-13. Partner at PT GMP Consulting, an Indonesian consulting services company. Was a consultant for the United Nations Development Program in Indonesia.

Victor Espinoza

Chilean Agronomist Engineer and Oenologist with extensive experience in Forensic Environmental Impact Assessment. Agri-food Consultant with broad experience in production, logistics, and safety in refrigeration processes.

Rafael Bravo C.

Psychologist with extensive experience in entrepreneurship and the development of technological solutions and services through communication and coordination platforms. Consultancy in organizational development and process optimization.


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